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Buying Bulk Auto Notes from Dealers

Auto dealers can increase sales with more traffic from buyers quickly especially when there are people interested. There are more demands on sales and this ultimately leads to more cash. There are many companies that provide dealers where you can buy bulk auto notes however it is important to know about their offerings and being careful not to be drawn into a scam.

You want to be dealing with a company that will make the transaction fluid and easy as well as profitable. They also need to be willing and ready to work with finance companies that will make the dealership complete and legit, such as credit unions. There are many dealers that are competitive in the marketplace and their main aim is to sell cars and gain an income for their business.

The advantages for dealers is that they are able to obtain a steady income of cash flow within the dealership and also have the capital to progress and increase inventory almost straight away, which in turn increase their bulk sales. Another benefit is that they will reduce capital exposure on debt that is outstanding and can repay any debts after accumulating the sufficient funds. The reduction of having to service overhead costs by selling auto loans in bulk will also make a big difference to the dealerships.

The number of customers you sell cars to will increase over time as there is more inventory to sell cars. The need for bank loans and SBA loans will not be required and you are able to focus more on selling the cars, rather than collecting payments. This in turn will make the dealer a profitable auto dealer fast and provide them with a healthy income.

The dealership of cars will need to carry out correctly and compliantly, such as gathering the required portfolio and documents to build a customer profile of purchase. The accounts must be aged at 90 days at the maximum and this excludes pick up payments and must have a term remaining term of 36 months or less. Customers should also provide their contact details as well as providing information on employment and verifying.

The required documentation is important to obtain especially if the dealer does not use a DMS system (Dealer Management System). Usually you will need to obtain a copy of the customer’s credit application, copy of bill of sale and buyer’s order, a copy of retail installation of sales contract and payment history.

There are a number of processes to determine the best dealer and finance company. There are usually trained professionals that will conduct market research and then make a decision based on the information obtained. There is also surveying to potential clients to assess options with the companies to effectively benefit needs. Qualified clients will also request an electronic data file that contains all important documents relevant to data fields on the accounts. The DMS system will be used as a result to obtain the data. The steps that follow are usually to finalize and have a system in place that works for all parties involved.

Are You Thinking of Getting Rid of Your Car?


Buying a car when you are young always seems like the start of adulthood, going where you want, when you want but with this comes expenses and costs that are required to be paid up when the time comes, such as petrol, insurance and taxes. It may seem like the pathway to freedom but in the long term it is a big money consumer. What makes it worse is that insurance prices are more expensive for young drivers and gas prices are rising day by day. The fact that there are other means of transporting, means ditching the car and making some money could actually benefit you immensely. So let’s dive in deeper…


There is no doubt that Insurance premiums are your consuming savings and limiting you from investing into other things. When you are young the notion of owing a car is high but so is the price to run one! Making the decision to run a car can be limit you from the basic costs of other food as there are other areas in our life that we need to look after.


Many people run into the problem of the lack of space available to park, especially outside your home if you live where there are main roads, it can be really hard to find a suitable space for the size of your car, and sometimes you just have to roll with it and park wherever, even if it is not ideal. Another issue is parking tickets, there are many parking lots that require you to pay additional money to park in the allocated area and use the supermarket, go into town and any other activities. Parking tickets can be charged at $100 in some cases when over powering the duration of your stay, which is understandable but is a huge drain on your savings. Maybe you would be better off running the bus or train life, with no need to seek parking spaces!


It is fair to say that petrol is a constant burden for drivers, especially for those who run cars with a bigger engine that requires more juice to run. Spending money twice a week for a petrol refill can be a drain on money if you have a budget on how much petrol you are going to spend on. Gas prices have shown to drop but they gradually rise and cost much more per litre for average car runners. It can be a strain financially under the circumstances of how much you travel, car size and make of the car.


These days traffic is extremely busy, everywhere you go as there are so many cars and probably will be many more in the future. Rush hours are the worse, in stand still traffic, petrol being wasted and people who don’t know how to drive! It puts your patience to the test but can also be frustrating, furthermore sitting for so long is not healthy and the man walking on the pathway is getting more exercise than you as well as getting to his destination faster.


Will the Future Be Full of Electric Vehicles?

electric cars

Imagine this…you are driving down the road with your windows open, and all you hear are tires rolling over the roads. There are no engine noises, no backfires, no revving, just silence. And red lights provide a moment of instant quiet with only the sound of music or talk shows filling the air. How incredible would that be? It would be like what I imagined the future to be like (although hover cars and jet packs also sound awesome).

The thought is that we have this technology that can power cars on nothing but electricity, think Tesla, which can literally save the planet. But will it ever become a reality? Is that the future of travel, cars that use nothing but plug into the wall?

How do we Transition to All Electric?
Firstly, we need to have the means to charge the vehicles like we do to get gas, and can even be accessible at current gas stations. But the cars themselves, and the charging stations, also need to have the ability to give a full charge in a shorter amount of time than they have now, because if you are on a road trip, unless it’s a designated stop, you don’t want to wait around for hours to charge the car before you can leave again.

Benefits of Switching to All Electric
Of course advising them that electric is better, you’ll have to prove it and get consumers to switch. If we stopped using gas powered cars and instead all electric, we would see over a 40 percent decrease in CO2 emissions. We’re talking a decrease in greenhouse gasses by more than 75 percent. That’s a lot.

And switching to electric will also push the envelope on electric companies to utilize more renewable energy such as wind, water, and solar. The more consumers push for it, the more the big companies will do because their job is also based solely on demand. Even with regards to the charging stations, the more demand there is for them, the more that will be built.

Jobs, jobs, and more jobs, because in order to build the charging stations, you need workers, more cars, you need more workers etc. Plus then all other sectors for renewable energy will get a boost, which means again, a stimulated economy.

Will it be a reality? It’s unclear, but that seems to be the way the world is going. Uber uses electric cars in their self driving fleet, and Tesla is a company that makes only electric cars. Everyone is stepping up to the plate to save the one planet we have. Really, there is no redo button for saving the world. Electric cars could be the first answer to a major crisis. The final hurdle they will have to deal with is price. Once the cars become affordable, the more people will buy them. Until then, a totally electric car is still out of reach financially for many people.

Trying to Figure Out How to Sell Your Bulk Car Notes?

sell bulk auto notes

It can be a common practice for independent auto dealers and other people who manage auto loans to sell their bulk car notes as a way to make money. When you do something like this, you really want to know exactly what you are getting into. It always is important to make informed decisions whenever you are dealing with money and your business. One of the obvious things that you may want to know is how to sell your bulk car notes. This will tell you everything that you need to know about this process.

There are a few different steps that occur during the process of selling car notes, including reviewing the accounts, creating a proposal, doing due diligence, and closing the sale. The first step is that you will want to get all of the information about the car notes that you are trying to sell to any potential buyer. They will need this information in order to decide if these are the car notes that they are interested in. This includes things like payment history, information about the car, and gross balances just to name a few important items that should be included in that information. After they get this information, the buyer will create a proposal for how much they are willing to pay for your notes. Then you move onto the due diligence process, which will vary between the different buyers that you contact. Once all of these steps are complete, there will be a closing process that takes place. Closing the transaction will finish off the deal between the seller and the buyer, ensuring all parties are in agreement with the terms of sale.

It can help to learn what else to expect, not just the process that awaits you during this process. While every buyer is different, the general average for car note sales is somewhere between 70% and 80% of the principle dollar though this can even go up to 90%. The thing about this is that you need to think about risk management because as a seller, you really want to get the best possible price for your car notes. There is also something known as recourse that you need to look for. The fact is that most buyers do have this as part of their bargaining but there are some that do not. This means that you will still be responsible for the account until the recourse period has ended. Finally, some buyers offer reserves to the seller. This gives the seller some back end monies based on the performance.

These are all very important things for a seller to know when they are thinking about selling your bulk car notes. You should remember to take a close look at the buyer to make sure that you are building a relationship with a reputable buyer or lender. This can make a huge difference in the experience that you get when you are selling your bank notes.

Car Knowledge: 2016 Best Fuel Efficient Cars

Gas prices have been going down and a lot of people are getting smarter by buying more fuel efficient cars. Dealerships in need of capital are pushing out more inventory as they advertise these low cost fuel efficient cars. Electric cars, hybrid cars or vehicles that get super high MPG are the ones that most people on a budget are looking at.

Check out this list to see the Best Fuel Efficient Cars:


sell auto notes

Car Knowledge: 2016 Least Fuel Efficient Cars

Car Knowledge: 2016 Least Fuel Efficient Cars

Everyone has dreamed of having a nice sports car at one time or another. Not only do you pay a hefty price for that nice looking sports ride, but you’ll continue to pay for this purchase at the pump. Dealerships looking to sell these high price cars may even avoid this factor and just highlight how many eyes you’ll get on the road.

Fast cars can empty your pockets even faster. If you’re considering buying a high performance car that runs of 93 octane, consider how much it may cost you at the gas pump. If you’re pockets are indeed deep, then Ride on my friend!

Check out this list to see the most Least Fuel Efficient Cars:


dealer capital

Buy or Leasing, Which one Should I Do?

There are millions of people that will argue that leasing is better than buying, but then there are also millions of people that will argue that buying is better than leasing. Car Dealerships that need to get rid of their inventory usually have knowledgeable dealers that can be the referee to this argument by implying find out more about the lifestyle of the person looking for a vehicle and suggesting which options best fits the customers needs.

Here is some info about buying and leasing cars:

sell lease portfolio

Will Cars ever be Smarter than Humans?

Buy Here Pay Here Auto note Sale

Used Car dealerships bulk auto notes

Smart technology is not only changing cellphones these days, it’s changing the automobile industry too. More and more cars are coming equipped with bluetooth, wifi, satellite radio and “Siri-like” car butlers.

If you think about how technology has changed over the last 10 years, it’s mind boggling. Kids are growing accustom to having not only On-Star like systems but touch screen features that will allow them to be more social.

Car dealers are not only trained in the art of driving, but now their sales pitch has to be a bit more diverse as they have to sell the young and the old on the technology that will make that potential buyer’s life easier.

Technology such as Tesla’s, where cars are running solely off of electrical power is saving people money at the gas pump, all while keeping them connected to the digital world. If this isn’t “Back 2 the Future” then what is?

As used car dealerships bring in more inventory, they are looking to flood their lots with the latest vehicles as that’s what people are buying because of the tech. Laws that push handsfree roads are another reason that cars are being made with more tech. There will be a day where all cars will have the standard features of the luxury cars of today, which means that those luxury cars of tomorrow will probably come with jets and a talking robot.

Buying Auto Notes – Simple, Quick and Safe

auto note buyerIf starting an automotive business were easy, everyone would do it. There are so many permutations and combinations involved in carrying out a business plan. The most important factor in keeping the automotive business going at a steady pace is striking a balance between supply and demand. Now as most of us know that the demand in the market is not static, it keeps changing from time to time. This creates a problem for the business owners as they don’t know how much of the stock to bring in to the market. The solution to this is keeping inventory. But then again, maintaining inventory requires money in huge sum without any advance commitment from the consumer. During such needs, it is the bulk auto notes that come to the rescue. It is always a good decision to sell bulk auto notes in order to gain the money required for business operations.

The decision to sell bulk auto notes is not only feasible but is also correct from the business point of view as it brings down the level of risk involved in trading. Bulk note purchases will enable business owners to fulfil all their inventory and operational needs without having to take loans directly from the bank. Bank loans under the above mentioned circumstances might be very risky and tough to handle. Well-known bulk auto note buyers hold the ability to turn around the condition of business. They are experts in the overall Accounts Receivable Liquidation process.

When you go out to sell auto notes you should make sure that the auto note buyer you are dealing with is genuine and has good reputation in the market. As mentioned earlier, the well known and routed auto note buyers have contacts with commercial banks and thus will be able to get your money sanctioned from reliable sources.

Sell Bulk Auto Notes: Keep Up With the Competition

sell bulk auto notesThe pace at which the automobile industry is moving is so fast that it is almost impossible to keep up with. More often than once, a car dealer has to face a situation where none of his cars are being sold. This period when there are no sales happening can prove disastrous to profit margin as well as day to day operations.. He may go about  the long route of  trying new marketing techniques and advertisement campaigns to  improve  sales  but any good dealer will eventually face the hard truth that the only way to increase profits is by bringing in new models.

Bringing in new models is easier said than done. It requires big investment which is hard to come by particularly when the dealership is facing losses. At such a time it is recommended that you seek help of a third party who’s looking to buy auto notes. The purchase of auto notes will place  you in  a better financial position than you were before. It will give you a chance to buy all the latest models in cars so that you may increase your sales and also with it your profit.

When you sell bulk auto notes you stand to make a good sum of money. Most auto dealers who are in need of funds for their business prospects will look to you for these notes. You may then sell it to them in bulk at a reasonable price and benefit from this transaction as well. A few buyers may be hesitant to purchase in bulk so a seller needs to be well-informed about the market in order to make a profit out of dealing with auto notes.

Bulk auto note buyers usually employ the services of a third party to help gain more buyers. Third parties help them to get the best deal  in the market. Through them a buyer can hope to make exactly the amount he was hoping to. These services are not that hard to come by and once you have familiarised yourself with the procedure, you will be able to meet more and more new buyers who are willing to pay the amount you ask for. In no time at all this simple business of selling auto notes will become a good source of income for you.

There are many ways to make a clean profit and an auto note sale has the potential to be one of them if it is done right. Like any other business this too has many risks that both the buyer and the seller have to be wary of. But once you get used to the process you will be churning out money regularly. Also, a little help from a third party can take your business a long way ahead of competition. So all you have to do is contact a company that offers these services and get started on selling or buying bulk auto notes.

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