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Why should you use Dealer Capital as opposed to working with a broker or even working directly with a lender? Dealer Capital brings the most value. We offer an online marketplace for selling receivables with all of the top industry buyers competing for your business in a safe and secure environment. In addition to the strategic buyers who are fairly well known, we have brought non-strategic buyers to the into the mix (Hedge Funds and Private Equity Groups). This equates to higher advances, deeper buys and less restrictions, in most cases.

Dealer Capital offers you the best way to sell loans, obtain low rate credit lines and receive full portfolio valuations, down to the loan level.

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We allow you to work directly with the buyer, eliminating the need to utilize the services of a broker or third-party intermediary. When searching for a buyer on the internet, the great majority of the results will lead to a broker website. A broker can bring you value, but in most cases, they offer a very limited and saturated buying network at a hefty cost. Here are some comparisons to show you the benefits of contacting Dealer Capital if you presently or are considering working with a broker.


No Fees

Dealer Capital offers much more than A portfolio Exchange. Allowing us to offer These services for FREE!


1 to 4% Broker Fee

A broker’s services will typically charge a 1 to 4% fee. Even if the buyer is funding This fee, it is always factored into price, which means less money for your loans.

Full Market Exposure

We offer an open exchange, where your deal Is marketed and available to all of our authorized Buyers and investors. More exposure equals More competitive bids.

Limited Exposure

However large a network, brokers are limited to who they know and typically marketed to the buyers that pay them the largest commissions. Most brokers only work with 1-3 finance companies.

Data Expertise

We have an in-depth understanding of each Dealer management system, including pulling Data out and knowing what each field means. This translates to a smoother experience and Faster transaction.

Data and System Inexperience

Most brokers don’t understand the data behind the deal, nor are they familiar with Your system. Their role is usually limited to simply transmitting your file to potential Buyers.

Secure and Compliant

We have implemented industry best Security practices to ensure all of your (and your customer) data is handled with The utmost care and security. The regulatory Environment is tough; we make it simple to Stay compliant.

Plain Text Email

Brokers often times shotgun your data to potential buyers or other brokers via plain text email. When data contains private customer info, this unencrypted practice can bring devastating consequences when Something goes wrong.

Dealer Capital offers an open exchange designed to make selling your auto loans, simple, intuitive and bring you the best possible returns. Listing your deal with Dealer Capital nets you more exposure, leading to more competitive bids, all without a profit-eating broker’s fee. Dealer Capital is FREE to use, contact us today and we will show you a better way to sell!