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Dealer Capital offers an interactive marketplace for buyers and sellers, allowing them to work direct without the need of brokers or intermediaries. The marketplace is intuitive and gives sellers access to the leading strategic industry buyers along with our non-strategic relationships. We take the guess work out of selling loans by eliminating all the major pain points, bringing safety and security to the forefront and increasing net profits for our clients.

The interactive marketplace gives both buyer and seller the ability work direct while also providing assistance from our seasoned account managers to guide or clients every step of the way. We provide unbiased feedback to assist our clients throughout the process. Selling loans through Dealer Capital is a FREE service, as our investors are footing the bill so they can do business with our dealers and originators.

When an originator lists their portfolio, all bids are tracked, stored and notifications are sent via email and or text. We offer buyers the same functionality, they will be notified in real time when a client lists a portfolio. Originators have the ability to accept, decline or counter their offers in a paperless fashion, as do buyers. The platform we offer is very user friendly and intuitive.

We offer our clients the ability to API integrate with most of the prominent dealer management software providers. This eliminates the need to create data files for originators. The safest way to transact data is with API integration. One of the major pain points for buyers and sellers is chasing down complete and standardized data. We take the busy work out of this process while offering safety, security and simplicity to our clients. Contact us today with any questions or to get registered with a FREE seller account!

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