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Immediate Cash Flow for Your Auto Loans

Immediate Cash Flow for Your Auto Loans

Dealer Capital is your one-stop shop for the most superior cash flow products and services available nationwide. We bring you directly to the nation’s premier banks, finance companies, hedge funds and private equity groups, offering the most lucrative deals possible in today’s subprime market.

Here at Dealer Capital, we are all about results. Our goal is to earn your business with honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction. Give us a call today and find out how our knowledgeable staff can increase your bottom line. These services are FREE to our sellers.

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Top Dollar for Your Bulk Auto Notes

  • We Offer Low Rate Credit Lines

    Is your operation struggling to find affordable financing? Through our affiliate partnerships, we offer Credit Lines at bank rates. Most lenders in subprime will charge mid to upper teens, plus fee’s, while enforcing strict covenants. Here at Dealer Capital, we can bring you funds at a much lower cost with minimal fee’s and limited covenants. If you need financing for inventory, expenses or anything else, contact Dealer Capital for affordable options.

  • We Offer Full Portfolio Valuations

    Do you know what your portfolio is worth? If you had to cash out on your portfolio today, do you have a way to truly valuate your book of business? Dealers use MMR, NADA, Blackbook and others to value their inventory. We do just that for your portfolio. Our robust modeling and analytics will let you know what each and every loan is worth in today’s market. We bring you high level insights and analytics that only the big banks presently have access to. This is also a FREE service paid for by our affiliate buyers and investors so they can do business with you.

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