”Dealer Capital has been a tremendous asset to our company. They have given me access to banks that I couldn’t have gotten without them.”


”We desperately searched for a credit line with affordable rates for months, with no success. One call from Dealer Capital may have literally saved our dealership.”


"We had our portfolio on the market for 6 months and were very unhappy with the feedback we were getting with the two brokers we were working with. Thankfully we received a call from Dealer Capital! Within two weeks we had sold off our portfolio and we are now looking forward to the next chapter in our lives. Dealer Capital helped make this possible. Great job guys!"


"I had received a few quotes for my bankruptcy paper and really felt like I was getting low balled. We went online and thankfully found Dealer Capital. They offered us 10 cents more on the dollar than the other banks we received quotes from. We now sell them our performing loans every month as well. These guys have our interests aligned and know what it takes to build repeat business."


"We have the utmost respect for the team at Dealer Capital. Unlike the lenders we worked with in the past, they took the time to get to know us on a personal level and really understand our business operation as well as our goals. Over the past four years of doing business with Dealer Capital, we have grown our business to a level we couldn’t have reached without their guidance and assistance."