Will Cars ever be Smarter than Humans?

Smart technology is not only changing cellphones these days, it’s changing the automobile industry too. More and more cars are coming equipped with bluetooth, wifi, satellite radio and “Siri-like” car butlers.

If you think about how technology has changed over the last 10 years, it’s mind boggling. Kids are growing accustom to having not only On-Star like systems but touch screen features that will allow them to be more social.

Car dealers are not only trained in the art of driving, but now their sales pitch has to be a bit more diverse as they have to sell the young and the old on the technology that will make that potential buyer’s life easier.

Technology such as Tesla’s, where cars are running solely off of electrical power is saving people money at the gas pump, all while keeping them connected to the digital world. If this isn’t “Back 2 the Future” then what is?

As used car dealerships bring in more inventory, they are looking to flood their lots with the latest vehicles as that’s what people are buying because of the tech. Laws that push handsfree roads are another reason that cars are being made with more tech. There will be a day where all cars will have the standard features of the luxury cars of today, which means that those luxury cars of tomorrow will probably come with jets and a talking robot.