Credit Lines

Credit Lines

Dealer Capital, LLC offers revolving lines of credit for BHPH auto dealers and auto finance companies secured by their auto receivables.

Whether just starting as a BHPH auto dealer, a BHPH auto dealer with many years of experience or an auto finance company, Dealer Capital has the experience and funding source contacts to facilitate a LOC for your business. Your need may be for a new LOC, refinance your existing LOC to lower your cost of funds or improve your LOC advance rate and covenants. Offering LOCs as low as $1 million and as low as Prime rate plus 7% with advances of 40% to 60%; for LOCs of $8 million to $25 million at rates as low as Prime rate plus 1% with advances ranging to 75%; for LOCs over $25 million at rates as low as LIBOR+. Dealer Capital has successfully facilitated over $100 million of LOCs for its clients. Outsource your auto financing needs to Dealer Capital while you maintain focus on the operation of your business.

  • Asset-Back Securitization (ABS) and Securitizations of auto loans are most effectively packaged and placed in size minimums of $50 million. Dealer Capital has relations with various investment banking entities who have the experience in the packaging and placement of ABS and securitization of both sub-prime and prime credit auto loans. ABS and securitization is a method to optimize the value received for auto loans, and with the seller retaining the servicing, provides seller additional cash flow and seller control of its customers.
  • Capital raised for auto finance companies and business in other industry sectors in the form of debt, sub-debt, equity, mezzanine or other structure is offered by Dealer Capital thru its affiliation with investment banking entities who seek clients needing a minimum of $5 million of new capital. Dealer Capital also has relations with private investors who will consider minimum investments of $250,000.

Consumer Financing

Dealer Capital has establish relations with private and institutional buyers of consumer loan portfolios in the asset classes of: 1) branded and private label credit cards, 2) auto, 3) installment loans and leases, 4) private label debt telecom, 5) student loans, 6) small business loans, 7) judgments and other types of consumer loans purchased primarily from direct issuers (e.g., banks) and on occasion from other debt buyers.

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