Debt Financing

Debt Financing

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans – Dealer Capital has relations with private and institutional lenders to finance the acquisition of real estate properties and to refinance existing real estate loans to leverage the equity to obtain working capital for your business. Loan size of $1 million and higher. Interest rates ranging from prime+ to 20% and LTVs ranging from 50% to 90%.
  • New Commercial Real Estate Construction Projects – Dealer Capital’s investment banking group sources can provide the capital stack for new commercial real estate construction projects ranging for $10 million with no limit. Project principals must have the experience to construct and manage its project as well as show evidence of equity in minimum amount of 10% of total project cost. The capital stack can consist of debt, sub-debt, equity, warrants, mezzanine, partnership and other unique structures.
  • Business Loans – Dealer Capital works with sources that will fund unsecured loans; equipment leasing and other asset type loans. For businesses with annual sales of $5 million+ and EBIDA of $1 million+, funding can be provided structured as debt, sub-debt, equity, warrants, mezzanine or partnership structure. Merger and acquisition funding is also available.
  • Equipment Lease Financing – equipment lease financing is available for new equipment acquisition and refinance of currently owned equipment. Equipment lease financing provide tax advantages to the lessee and LTVs that other financing structure.
  • Seller Financed Real Estate Notes – Dealer Capital will either purchase or arrange for the purchase of seller financed residential or commercial real estate notes. Purchase can be structure for a stream of the payments or the full note purchase.

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