Non-Performing Auto Loans

Non-Performing Auto Loans

Dealer Capital can offer sellers top dollar on non-performing auto portfolios because we are good at what we do.

Dealer Capital has a multitude of buyers for non-performing auto loans. By selling your non-performing loans after the initial charge-off stage, your collection personnel can focus on collecting your active, performing loans which will maximize your cash flow from collections. In selling your non-performing auto loans, you and your personnel will learn how to properly and compliantly document your charge-off loans so as to efficiently and more quickly complete the non-performing loans sale process. Non-performing loans normally fall in the categories of:

  • Bankrupt loans are priced to 50% of the principal balance. Dealer Capital’s buyers will purchase as few as 5 loans or every bankrupt loan in your inventory. After the initial purchase, new bankrupt loans can be purchase as soon as you receive the bankrupt notice thereby eliminating your staff having to manage the timely confirmation filings with the courts and eliminate having your capital tied up for up to 5-years and often having the courts cram down the interest rate and principal balance to 10% or lower!
  • Secured Skip loans are priced to 15% of the principal balance. Skip loans can be purchased in small or large amounts. As with bankrupt accounts, you reduce your involvement while recovering your capital quicker and often on accounts for which you would not otherwise realize any capital recovery! Dealer Capital’s subsidiary company buys secured skip accounts in small or large quantities. Our partners perform the skip tracing, asset recover and disposition and establishes new deficiency balance loans that are then collected out or sold to debt buyers.
  • Deficiency Balance/Charge-Off loans are priced to 3 cents of the principal balance. These build up in quantity quickly and consume a lot of your staff’s time as well as file storage space. Portfolio size minimums of $500,000 with no upper size limit.

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